Our trainers have been present on the training and consulting market for over 20 years. Our team consists of experienced business coaches, HR consultants and organizational advisors.
In the course of our professional careers, all of us have played various specialist and management roles in business in the areas of Sales, Finance, Marketing and HR. We have worked at leading Polish companies, international corporations, as well as in recognized training and consulting companies. We are distinguished by our effectiveness in teaching, partnership in action and systemic understanding. We like what we do and we are constantly developing by participating in regular supervisions and trainings, evaluations, and receiving feedback from clients.


We teach how to learn.
We empower individuals, teams and organizations in learning.

We are specialists in the field of reinforcing the effectiveness of learning by using the following methodologies: facilitation, moderation, mentoring, training and coaching for individuals, groups and teams.


A. Developing learning competences
We conduct closed in-house workshops and expert academies as well as coaching in the following areas:
  • facilitation
  • moderation
  • mentoring
  • group and team coaching
  • business training
The addressees of our activities are people who act as facilitators/moderators/trainers/coaches and managers who want to expand their professional workshop with the use of the selected methodologies.

Companies use our services when they want to:
      1. benefit from our support in implementing changes in the organization
      2. increase the effectiveness of learning processes within the organization
      3. increase the efficiency of meetings
      4. reinforce the competences of key employees in action
      5. increase the efficiency of teamwork
      6. develop new solutions to increase their competitive advantage.

B. Developing interpersonal skills, such as:
  • making contact with others,
  • communication: the ability to listen carefully, talking, public speaking,
  • managing non-verbal and verbal communication,
  • negotiations,
  • conflict resolution,
  • teamwork,
  • assertive behavior,
  • exercising influence,
  • delegation of powers.

Our workshops and coaching in this area are used when organizations need to:
  • increase sales and customer service efficiency
  • develop managerial skills
  • increase personal effectiveness of employees from various areas of the organization

We ACT based of our values:
  • Effectiveness – we produce measurable benefits to people and organizations. Our actions are pragmatic and guarantee long-term development. We focus on the importance of rational thinking.
  • Quality – we are constantly developing our competences by participating in regular supervisions and trainings, evaluations as well as receiving feedback from clients.
  • Responsibility – we clearly define our competences. We finish the tasks we undertake..
  • Courage – we face challenges. We look for innovative solutions adequate to the client's specificity.
  • Respect – we care about the needs, dignity and development of man. We value diversity and we respect its manifestations.
  • ‘...The recruitment processes led by Human Capital stand out because of the accurate execution and high quality of services. Due to our cooperation with this Firm we gained new key employees, which was one of the main cause of our success...’ - HR Director (TSL branch)
  • -
  • ‘...The projects are always pursued in accordance with the highest market standards, and the candidatures presented within the scope of recruitment reflect our expectancies. Remarkable sense of the client’s needs, deep knowledge about the business and the profile of the firm, both merged with an extraordinary awareness of the labour market and broad contacts with potential candidates are the most significant virtues of this firm.’ - General Manager (branch - Pharma)
  • ‘ ...Up to now cooperation allowed us to state, that the Firm will be a great partner for other organizations also and with the whole tresponisibility we recommend It to pursue projects in similar fields…’ - Finance Director (Retail branch)
  • -
  • ‘...The effects of Human Capital teams work live up to all of our expectations. Thoroughness, meeting deadlines, professional approach to their obligations are only few of advantages which the HC Consultants can be described with.’ - Operational Director (Telecom branch)
  • ‘...It worth mentioning that during each level of the recruitment processes the communication with the Firm was truly flawless. Moreover the Consultants work quick, efficiently and are flexible. That indicates a success while pursuing out-of-the-frame projects which need working under time pressure. All the qualities together minimise the effort which the client has to put into the recruitment process whilst the Consultants conduct a high-level service.’ - HR Manager (Finance branch)
  • ‘...High quality of the services delivered lives up to our expectations and I can recommend the firm as a solid and trustworthy business partner. We are planning to cooperate with Human Capital on new projects.’ - Sales Manager (Banking)