Assessment/Development Centre

The Assessment Centre is a tool used to determine whether a candidate is suitable for the job or whether an employee right for a certain position. If the method is applied properly, it allows predicting with a high level of probability whether a person will be a high-effective at his or her job. This complex and multistage evaluation process allows to assess the extent to which its participants possess the developed key skills necessary for a given role within the organization. This method might consist of individual or group tasks and tests of professional competencies. The number, length, level of difficulty and content of those tasks vary depending on the type of job. The tasks may examine various competencies essential for a given job.

The development Centre is a method designed similarly to the AC which allows investigating key competencies of a number of people within a specified period of time. However, the objective of sessions is different. Whereas the AC is used for selection, i.e. finding the most suitable group of candidates or one candidate who will be the most appropriate for the job, the DC’s purpose is to diagnose which employees’ competencies might or should be developed. DC not only helps to identify the competencies, but also serves as a tool of competencies development, e.g. in the case of abilities that might be developed during a meeting with the coach.

Our AC/DC services are characterised by:

  • Individual approach and adjustment to the Clients needs,
  • High accuracy of participants assessment,
  • Objective and impartial evaluation of competencies,
  • Cooperation with a group of recognized Consultants in organization of the AC/DC,
  • Initial psychological assessment conducted by experienced psychologists.

The Assessment/Development Centre tool allows our Clients to conduct a multifaceted evaluation of their employees and is the most accurate tool of assessing your employees’ competencies.

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