Our team

Human Capital is built by people derived from business and HR departments in international organisations. Acting as HR Partner, we have acquired extraordinary abilities in pursuing personal consultancy projects. A more detailed profile of our team is presented below.

Managing Partners

Managers with many years of experience in the field of recruitment and personal consultancy. In Human Capital they are responsible for key clients as well as for supervision and coordination of actions undertaken by the whole team. Through the years they have implemented various projects within many different market sectors from broadly-defined FMCG, industry, telecom, to new technologies and finance. The combination of deep business knowledge and personal abilities resulted in cooperation with international enterprises and recruitment processes conducted on both Polish and foreign markets.


Experienced Project Leaders with a business background. Our Consultants have been working in the field of the recruitment and evaluation conducted for Clients representing a variety of business lines for at least 5 years. They specialise in such market sectors as: finance and consumer goods, modern technologies, IT and e-commerce. All operations are conducted mostly in Poland and central and eastern European.


Specialists with a few years of experience in the field of recruitment and selection. They support projects of a broad cross-section of sectors. Each of our Researchers has the essential specialist knowledge about business processes in sales, marketing, IT, logistics and many other market branches, which is used to look for candidates from the Tom Management level.

Our team represents professionalism and flexibility in relation to diversified procedures and the corporate culture of particular Clients. We show a new level of understanding your needs.

  • ‘...The recruitment processes led by Human Capital stand out because of the accurate execution and high quality of services. Due to our cooperation with this Firm we gained new key employees, which was one of the main cause of our success...’ - HR Director (TSL branch)
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  • ‘...The projects are always pursued in accordance with the highest market standards, and the candidatures presented within the scope of recruitment reflect our expectancies. Remarkable sense of the client’s needs, deep knowledge about the business and the profile of the firm, both merged with an extraordinary awareness of the labour market and broad contacts with potential candidates are the most significant virtues of this firm.’ - General Manager (branch - Pharma)
  • ‘ ...Up to now cooperation allowed us to state, that the Firm will be a great partner for other organizations also and with the whole tresponisibility we recommend It to pursue projects in similar fields…’ - Finance Director (Retail branch)
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  • ‘...The effects of Human Capital teams work live up to all of our expectations. Thoroughness, meeting deadlines, professional approach to their obligations are only few of advantages which the HC Consultants can be described with.’ - Operational Director (Telecom branch)
  • ‘...It worth mentioning that during each level of the recruitment processes the communication with the Firm was truly flawless. Moreover the Consultants work quick, efficiently and are flexible. That indicates a success while pursuing out-of-the-frame projects which need working under time pressure. All the qualities together minimise the effort which the client has to put into the recruitment process whilst the Consultants conduct a high-level service.’ - HR Manager (Finance branch)
  • ‘...High quality of the services delivered lives up to our expectations and I can recommend the firm as a solid and trustworthy business partner. We are planning to cooperate with Human Capital on new projects.’ - Sales Manager (Banking)