360° appraisal

360-Degree Feedback is used as a tool to evaluate managerial skills by collecting opinions of four parties:

  • A superior’s opinion (or a groups of superiors)
  • Subordinates’ opinion – participation of all direct subordinates
  • Co-workers’ opinion – co-workers who are to evaluate a person are selected by the evaluated manager and his/her superior
  • Self-assessment of the manager


  • a comprehensive evaluation process based on the 360-Degree Feedback
  • assessment of managers’ performance based on the skills system
  • devising individual and group reports
  • giving feedbacks after the process is completed

We offer support in:

  • conducting informative and implementation workshops and coaching sessions
  • preparing and introducing the ‘tailor-made’ 360-Degree Feedback system
  • developing computer solutions
  • objectively determining strengths and weaknesses that require development from the process participants

The 360-Degree Feedback is a highly effective method allowing the modern companies to pursue a steady development of the managerial staff, which will translate into development of the whole company.

Contact us to use our tailor-made 360-degree feedback.

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